Day Twenty Three

These are things I’ve read, looked at, laughed at online this week (or last). Maybe it would be more correct to say that this is the stuff that hasn’t made me want to spend the next four to forever years in an underground bunker. Skim through these if you are trying to wile away the hours.

I have this!  Anybody else?

A couple of new ideas. I think I’ll be teaching Rolo the first one as a new go to.

Why we don’t make Eliot fly with us anymore. It’s not really, but I can tell he prefers staying home with a petsitter.

This needs to be a thing.  It will definitely be Sergio’s Christmas present next year if it happens. We are an Iron Giant family.

Alaska is so weird.

We discovered these yesterday. If you want to see what my kiddo was up to at summer camp, it turns out these pictures have been on the website for a while now.

Run, Little Guy!  You’ve probably already seen this. Stick with it all the way to the end if you haven’t. I promise.

My current read. It’s very light history, quite funny, and will leave you feeling grateful for plumbing and advancements in science. It will also make you think of some of your favorite literary heroes and heroines as a bit smellier than you previously imagined.

Let’s have some cute.

How I am spending Friday.

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