Day Nineteen

So far I have –

*Made cinnamon ornaments with Rolo. We made them without glue this year and they are kind of crumbly, but they seem to be working out okay.

*Bought ornament hangers and finished the tree. I will totally fix the big gap between my garland the next time I get up. I see it too. Don’t worry.


*Worked out this morning … but I followed it with Taco Bell.

*Bought several of the non-perishable items the food bank still needs for their Thanksgiving outreach. The food bank is closed on Saturdays and I can’t figure out where to drop perishable items. We’ll call this one halfway done.

*Grocery shopped and got pretty much our whole Thanksgiving list. There are about four items that we either forgot (pecans), or will buy closer to Thursday (one pre-made pie), or didn’t want to leave in a car all day while it’s -9 degrees outside (milk and eggs).

*Donated to the following organizations:

Lambda Legal

Planned Parenthood of the Greater Northwest and Hawaiian Islands

Southern Poverty Law Center

The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

Don’t know that I feel a lot better about the world yet, but I am not asleep on the couch. That’s something.



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