Day Eighteen

I haven’t been able to motivate myself to do much over the last almost two weeks. It takes it all out of me right now to just teach these kids and then be a halfway decent mom and wife later in the day. It’s so dark! I’m so sleepy! I still can’t look online or listen to a podcast without feeling a deep sense of terror and anger. I’m doing a lot better than a week ago, but I’m not 100%. So these are my goals for this weekend. I’m going to make myself accomplish some/most/all of these things this weekend.

*Mix up some cookie dough and then freeze it into dough balls that can be pulled out of the freezer a few at a time when I am craving cookies. I already have the stuff. I just haven’t had the motivation.

*Make this years batch of cinnamon ornaments with Rolo and get them dried out for the tree.

*Work out on Saturday and Sunday.

*Finish this class I have to finish in order to keep my job.

*Start this class I have to finish in order to keep my job.

*Donate money to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood, and The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights. Or maybe some others. Or maybe AND some others.

*Buy two sets of Thanksgiving groceries. One will be ours and one will be for Rosalind to take to the Fairbanks Food Bank.

*Clean out our closets and donate appropriate items to the warm clothing drive sponsored by Rolo’s scout troop.

*Finish decorating the tree by buying more stupid ornament hangers I know I already own but cannot find.

*Watch Fantastic Beasts.

*Accept that I may not accomplish every bit of this over the next two days, but that it will ALL be done by next Friday because I will have two extra days off next week.

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