Day Sixteen

Ha! I almost missed it! Most likely because I have nothing to say! 

We finally finished the last bit of The Office tonight. The last season was off in tone almost the whole time, but the last three episodes redeemed it for me. 

On my own, I also finished Parks and Rec this week. So satisfying! 

Eliot is now stitch-less again! This only happened after having to reschedule his first appointment and then totally FORGETTING his second appointment. They let me race up to the office just minutes before they closed when I realized that I had lost my mind. Or at least forgot to add it to my phone alerts. He is all healed up and happy to be free of his jacket all day. 

Perhaps due to lack of light and often forgetting my vitamin D supplements, I find myself doing lots of brain fart things. Forgot the vet appointment, forgot a meeting, forgot my lesson plans, put the frozen bananas in the fridge and the spinach in the freezer this morning. I have to hope it’s the light and that my brain will start to reactivate in about 40 days! 

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