Day Fourteen

What I have learned since agreeing to give up my lunches to monitor 7th grade lunch detention for a quarter:

-7th graders are not at their best during lunch detention. 

-If you are dumb enough to agree to do this second quarter, you bear the brunt of parent phone calls and referral forms for all the repeat offenders. 

-Should have done 1st quarter. 

-I was right to avoid calling parents all these years. Not the best way to spend my lunch break. 

-I can’t use being out of groceries as an excuse to get Taco Bell for the whole stupid quarter. Today I ate tuna straight out of the airtight bag thingy. It was that or nothing. 

-Waiting until 2 pm to eat lunch is a special kind of hell for me.

-Monitoring lunch detention during the month of November, a month I hate every year for taking the light away, and hate especially this year for being a total crap show for the whole world, really allows me to wallow in my bad mood at just every possible level. 

-Being a team player at work has so far not benefited me in any tangible way and therefore I see no reason to volunteer for anything again. 

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