Day Twelve

The media we are using to occupy our minds this week:

  • I stumbled into watching Broadchurch last week when I was looking for a comforting British show. Turns out it is utterly brutal, but it fits my mood and I finished the first season yesterday.
  • I put The Handmaid’s Tale on my Kindle on Tuesday night when I realized things had gone sideways. I figured there’s nothing like a dystopian novel about a broken society to make me feel better, right?
  • Rosalind picked up several books at the school book fair last week and has already made her way through Jedi Academy New Class and is mostly through another graphic novel called El Deafo. Rosalind is very into graphic novels right now.
  • Sergio is reading The First Uncanny X-Men series through the Marvel app he keeps on his iPad. That app has kept him occupied for many hours in court waiting on hearings to begin.
  • Back in the days that The Office was still airing, Sergio and I weren’t able to keep going with it after Michael left. Lately we have been working our way through the last couple of seasons we missed. Rosalind sat and watched with us once, and now she LOVES this show. We find ourselves having to make random loud noises or fast forward sometimes, but overall the humor is right up her alley. It’s been a fun experience for all of us.
  • Sergio and Rosalind are playing Pokemon. Not Pokemon Go, just straight up classic Pokemon with the cards and stuff.
  • Sergio and I are both listening to old episodes of Comedy Bang Bang podcasts. We have tons of other podcasts we could recommend but not useful for this week.
  • All three of us are excited about the Hamilton Remix album, but since it hasn’t come out yet, we are happily listening to the cast album again in the meantime.

If you are finding useful ways to occupy your mind, feel free to let me know. It turns out that if I am not actively doing something I must just be staring into space. I realized today that I have lost almost five pounds in the last two weeks. I think I’ve mentioned before that stress manifests itself in my stomach? Anyway, two more pounds and I’ll be at my goal weight that I’ve been working toward for over two years. Or I’ll pass out from dehydration.

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