Day Eleven

And now for something completely different…

Sergio and I are 2 1/2 years into our time in Alaska. If you guys remember, our original plan had been to come for three years and then evaluate what we wanted to do next. We had recently begun thinking about what we wanted to do at the end of this year. We hadn’t really come to any decisions when Sergio was promoted at work. He is now the supervising attorney of the Fairbanks and Bethel offices. He has been for a few weeks now, but sometimes I forget I can tell news that extends beyond my child and my dog. This means that he is now at an Attorney V which also means that he has hit about the highest level anyone hits in this state. That’s amazing! It’s nice to feel like a decision we made actually paid off in the way we had hoped it might.

We are very happy with this new development in Sergio’s career. It does, however, mean that we will no longer even consider what we want to do about living long-term in Alaska for at least two more years. Now we’re in this weird place of looking at the truck and trying to decide if we should have gone ahead and sold it for a more long term car. We’re looking kind of wide eyed at houses and land lots trying to decide if that’s the place we’re in now. Is it time to buy a house? All the way in Alaska?

Basically, we have no idea about anything! As always. We are happy to know where we will be for at least two more years. We are happy with Sergio’s new position. Rosalind didn’t even want to think about moving anyway, so she’s pleased. If budget cuts don’t wipe out my job then I will be thrilled to stay put in a position long enough to stop having to do the highest level of evaluation every year.

Well done, Sergio!

2 thoughts on “Day Eleven

  1. I am very proud of all of you, and am happy if your happy, I wish you were here but I know that is just selfish. I praise God that he has blessed you all abundantly.

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