Day Six

We got out of the house only long enough to watch Doctor Strange in Imax 3D. I had no expectations about this movie because I had no knowledge of this Marvel character whatsoever. It was fun. I highly recommend you see it in at least 3D and Imax 3D if you have the option.

It finally dropped a couple more inches of snow. I just finished sweeping off the truck for tomorrow. I met 1/5 of our new neighbors. I’ll tell Rolo later that he told me there is a six year old in their house. If I tell her now she’ll insist on house crashing and ordering whatever six year old she finds to play exactly to her specifications at this exact moment. We’ll give them a bit more time to settle in before I unleash Rolo on her new potential friend.

I…think…that…might be all the news I have for today.

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