Day Five

Good News! Everyone waiting for an update on Eliot can rest easy because he is just lumpy. No signs of anything more nefarious. Now I feel sort of bad putting him through his procedure for what amounted to cosmetic reasons. I told him not to grow anymore lumps because he is just going to have to keep them from now on. But seriously, we are extremely relieved to hear the good news.

Stupid News! I got my out of control eyebrows waxed on Thursday afternoon when I passed a salon on my way out of the grocery store. It didn’t turn out so well. I know. Who would have thought walking into an empty random salon next to the grocery store might not work out perfectly? At first I thought it was just that my glasses were still crooked and needing an adjustment, but I got them adjusted today and it confirmed my fears. My eyebrows are not even. I don’t mean a little bit not even. I mean…not in the same line on my face. Also, they are way too thin. I pointed it out to Sergio and he said I should go back and complain to the lady that did this to me. If my husband willingly admitted to me that I am right in thinking that something is wrong with my face AND told me I should complain, you should know that I’m not exaggerating. I haven’t a clue how to fix it. It does give me a new appreciation for my nearly invisible eyebrows for the first time ever. I won’t be showing you a picture, but here is a poorly executed representation of both the thickness and balance of my new eyebrows.



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