Day Three


I got some new glasses. This is the only angle I am going to show you because I had Sergio pick them up and haven’t gotten them perfectly fitted yet. I think they might look a bit crooked straight on. I’ll get that taken care of Saturday. I discovered that my three year old scratched up glasses with out-of-date lenses had been keeping me in blissful ignorance of two facts. My eyebrows are out of control, AND I totally could not see how wrinkly my eyes have gotten. It’s primarily just deeper laugh wrinkles than I remember, but there is some creping happening that tells me that time is steadily stalking me. I am pleased with my new glasses despite this small detour into introspection.

After some trial and error we discovered that the pet clothing best suited to protecting Eliot’s surgery wounds from Eliot was his new winter coat. Here are some adorably pitiful photos of Eliot wearing an interim My Little Pony pajama top of Rolo’s. He is also taking any and all moments of comfort, as you can clearly see.

He should definitely not be on his back, but you try explaining that to him. We are having no luck at all.

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