Day Two

Eliot looks awful! Even though I knew what I was taking him in to have done, I vastly underestimated the amount of trauma it was going to cause his little body. I would show you a picture, but I think I’ll wait until it’s a little less fresh. Despite how awful he looks, he is actually handling it very well at this point. We took him in for the lipoma which is a large fatty lump under his skin. We also asked if they could remove this big mushy mole thing that has been growing bigger for a few years that is on the outside of this skin. They made it sound like that one would be no big deal. I think I imagined it would be like freezing a mole off of his skin, but it was another deep incision and stitches. On top of those things, the vet found another mole-like spot and took it off as well, so Eliot has three distinct incision places with stitches all over his back. I find it distressing on many levels, but primarily that he only has three days of pain meds and no antibiotic to stave off infection in a dog that doesn’t even seem aware enough not to roll over onto his wounds all the time. For the first time in his life, I wish he didn’t always greet me by giving me his belly to rub.

In other news…


…I got my early voting done.

Finally, I attended Rolo’s parent/teacher conference on Monday. I’m pleased to report that we all seem to be working off of the same script finally. When I got Rolo’s 1st quarter report card and saw that she had all good conduct grades, I kind of thought the teacher might just be placating us so that we didn’t bug her anymore. However, I can tell that the information I was given was not just a bunch of smoke being blown up my butt because Rolo has had a huge turnaround in her attitude and is back to the enthusiastic learner I’ve always known her to be. So we’ll see if that continues. I’m genuinely surprised that we were able to salvage what once felt like a permanently toxic relationship. I feel very mature. I have not felt mature at every step of this journey. Pretty sure I was engaging in some behind the back name-calling at one point. Perhaps I grew as a person.

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