Day One

It’s November! Let’s get this posting everyday party started!

Rosalind likes to start planning her Halloween costumes way in advance. This year we only had a little bit of waffling with her going between all of us dressing up in a family theme as Old Man Logan, X-23, and Gabby, or for her to go as the self-created Queen of the Dead. As I had no intention of dressing up in a black and yellow bodysuit, I did my part to push her toward the Queen of the Dead.

It began with us realizing that her much loved Southern Belle dress-up dress was on it’s last leg. Instead of trying to bring it back to life, I told Rosalind that we might be able to make the rips and holes and missing details look creepy if we dyed the dress. She was on board. She also wanted us to understand that she wanted to be creepy this year. Maybe a little pretty, but mostly creepy.

I tried dying the dress gray even though I knew full well that it was probably all polyester and I was using normal RIT dye. I was correct, and all that happened was that the lace detail of the dress turned baby blue. I spent a little time in the Joanne dye aisle and brought home some Poly Dye in black. I boiled that dress in an overcrowded pot on the stove like a proper witch. I pulled it a bit early so that we wouldn’t lose all the details to a jet black dress. It worked out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

We went to the halloween store in town looking for a crown to make her a queen and not just dead. We ended up going with a black day-of-the-dead sort of flower crown. Rolo also chose a toy scythe. She just really thought it was necessary. We worked to get her to wear something like a little half mask, but she insisted on full halloween makeup for the first time. In the end we spent around $18 for her entire costume. It definitely looks the most elaborate of all of her costumes, but we came out way ahead.

I learned a few things about halloween makeup when I had to use it twice on Rolo. I learned that her tolerance for putting on makeup rivals her tolerance for having her hair brushed. She is not very into it at all. I also learned that there must be some skill set I don’t have to putting that white foundation on evenly. Finally, I learned that you have to make “stitches mouth” way bigger than you originally think.

All in all, we were quite pleased with the outcome. It’s hard to believe she is already graduating to creepy costumes. The only place left to go is ironic costumes at which point I won’t want to hang out with her anymore.


I also feel like I need to point out how much smarter we got with Alaska costuming. She has on leggings, snow pants, and snow boots under that hoop skirt.

Here are some pictures of Eliot getting ready for his surgery this morning. I just got word that he is out of his lumpectomy (their term, not mine) and is doing fine. We have to send the lump out for testing to get any additional information. I don’t think there is much to worry about as he has absolutely no other symptoms of anything being wrong, but I’ll keep everyone updated.


Here are some pictures of Eliot decked out in his winter gear AND his I-Just-got-shaved-and-I’m-freezing-jammies because why not.


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