Catching Up

I actually wrote a post during this huge amount of time since the last time I wrote a post, but I didn’t love it and I kept waiting on a picture that never came, and now it just seems like the time has passed. I am so behind on what tiny amount of information I have about our lives that I think I will just go ahead and list it. It’s all about the weather. Aren’t you excited?

One: We had a really pretty fall. Not in the sense of foliage because, as I previously mentioned, the birch had a mite or something and just turned brown and crumbled away. However, the weather was lovely and the aurora made an early and frequent appearance. So last Sunday we decided to go out of the house just long enough to take Rolo on a bike ride by the Chena River. It looked like a glorious day outside with all the sunshine and prettiness. We learned very quickly that it was actually only in the twenties and extremely windy. The only thing that keeps Fairbanks tolerable in the cold is that there is no wind. Except when there is and everything is terrible . We ended up out by the river in crazy high winds that made the temps as low as the teens while wearing nothing more than hoodies, or in the case of Sergio, shorts.

Two: Later the same day, Sergio was out on the back porch watching Eliot frolic around the backyard when a giant (and I mean giant) spruce came up by the roots and fell over. Just plop. Thankfully it went exactly away from the house. Rolo spent the next two nights sleeping in the living room while we waited to see if any other gigantic trees were just going to topple out of nowhere. They didn’t, and the wind finally died away on Tuesday afternoon.

Three: In true Alaska fashion, we went from zero to winter in about ten minutes. On Thursday it started spitting snow. By the time I left work it was actually starting to look like real snow. Ten minutes later when I pulled into the parking lot of Rosalind’s school the roads were covered. That is not an exaggeration. I have the photos on my phone.

Four: We reached negative temperatures yesterday. All of my big talk about being far more mentally prepared for winter this year pretty much went out the window when I had to start plugging in the truck again and sweeping it off in the mornings. On a positive note, I’m loving my snow tires.

Five: I’m seriously considering putting up the Christmas tree the week after Halloween because we have a cord to hide that we don’t feel like dealing with until after Christmas, and the weather certainly feels like we should be getting prepped for the holidays.

Six: Eliot is really starting to show his age (he just had his 12th birthday) when it comes to going out in the snow and recovering when he comes back inside. So we went and got him some insulated yellow winter shoes and a fleece lined coat. He seems very happy. He walks as awkwardly as you would imagine while still inside, but as soon as his feet hit snow he is off to the races. He loves it. Now if we can just keep those suckers on his feet. Despite being so tiny and adjustable they still have a tendency to fly right off when he’s really prancing.

Seven: Non-weather related! Eliot has a lipoma (we hope), and will be having surgery in the next week or two. The only reason the vet won’t say for sure that it’s just a general lipoma and non-cancerous is because it appeared in a very short time, grew big quickly, and is in a strange spot (shoulder blade).

Okay, I think you are mostly updated! I can feel how thrilled you are with all that exciting news from all the way up here. At any rate, my brain feels cleaner.

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