Sick the First Month Back! Always!

Ugh, guys. I thought about posting all week. Problems with that plan included:

  1. I have a cold. I don’t know how both my husband and daughter have escaped catching this cold from me. I would normally say I am suffering from allergies, but I watched this cold creep it’s way around the school for two weeks before it hit me. I’ve had it all week. Last night was the first night in a week that I didn’t use half a dose of Nyquil to help me sleep through the congestion. Perhaps this was a mistake as I woke Sergio and then myself up by sleeptalking, “YOU’RE NOT MY LUNCH!
  2. It’s already mid-quarter grade time. I mean…it’s not. Because even though I don’t understand much math, I have a pretty decent hold on quarters. 3 1/2 weeks is not a quarter of our school year by any stretch of mathematical rules. So I realized early on in the week that I had to get more than two grades in the grade book. I’ve been grading. And grading. And grading. I have it down to a science, but it’s still 6-8 grades times 130 kids. It takes time. Which leads to…
  3. When you only have a few grades in the book, one tiny bad grade can make the whole thing look awful. Part of our job is preemptively communicating with parents if their kid has anything below a C. So I had to overcome a lot of phone fear this week. Most of the kids I couldn’t get fixed up in time to not have to call their parents were kids that are out of school for one to two weeks for moose hunting season. Alaska!
  4. A testing window was thrown on our district at the last minute and we had to roll with what we could get. So on top of everything else the English department (and Math last week) had to drop everything to test our students. Two days of nothing but dealing with computer issues and confusion! For a good and useful cause, but still.
  5. We’re back full time to piano, and girl scouts (TWO events this week), and daily homework, and swim.
  6. But really I just didn’t post because the cold gave me a good excuse to be extra lazy. I also kept hoping something interesting would happen. It never did. Here are some pictures of our totally delightful, yet entirely uneventful, Labor Day holiday.

There was dress up, hair fixing, baking, smoking ribs, cuddling, and lots of not getting out of pajamas all day!

By the way, I totally under baked those brownies. The pan was too small. I can’t recommend this method enough. These brownies came out like one big lava cake. I refrigerated them and eating them cold straight out of the pan got me through a lot of dark days this week. I miss them already.

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