Quick Catch Up

I’m getting so behind on posts, and this one isn’t going to get me much caught up at all. In a few days or weeks I will emerge from the beginning of the school year haze and get back on schedule. While I’ve been not writing here I have been –

  • Going to the Tanana Valley State Fair with Sergio and Rosalind. I swear the rides at this fair are way faster than normal rides. I get ill every year. Then I go eat the fair food and feel all better.

  • Going to Denali National Park with my in-laws. We stayed in a comically rough cabin. We stayed in a delightfully lush cabin. We saw moose, caribou, and GRIZZLY BEARS! And all the scenery you could hope to see.


  • Moving classrooms (twice) and getting all set up all over again. Then getting started with students. In between the last time I posted and school starting I was given a better classroom, my own class computer cart, and an all 7th grade schedule. The universe saw my lack of enthusiasm and responded with great things! I did end up starting the year with spirit after all. 
  • Getting Rolo started in the 2nd grade.

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