Not the Post I Came Here For

I came here to write about the last little bit of our trip, but I’m not sure that’s happening today. This is my last Friday before I start back to work. It’s weird. I don’t feel like it’s time to go back to work. You would think having an amazing and busy summer would make you feel totally refreshed and ready for a new year, but somehow…no.

Disclaimer: I understand that I don’t get to complain about my job. I get summers. Other people go to work ALL YEAR! I know.

I’m just saying that it feels surprising that it’s already time to go back. I’m normally really jazzed about school supplies coming out and I start pinning decorating ideas and stuff. It’s like getting the Christmas spirit except it’s the Back to School Spirit. I have not yet been visited by that spirit this year. In fact, my favorite school supplies, Sharpie variety packs, are just leaving me with a strong sense of resentment when I see them in the store right now. I won’t even look directly at the school supply aisles at the store. Here is Eliot demonstrating my attitude toward school supplies…


Otherwise things have been quiet around here. Rolo and I have been slowly getting back into our routines. Sergio and I finally bought some more furniture so that his parents will have somewhere to sit and sleep when they get here next week. That’s right! Someone is coming to see us! Yay! I really hope the weather gets a little better for their visit. It has been raining and 50 degrees almost every day since we got back. It feels like a Portland winter.

We’ll fill you in on the furniture situation once we get it mostly organized. We learned two things about rugs. One: a 5×7 is too small for our living room. Two: Amazon won’t ship anything bigger than that to us. This means that we have our first ever item coming to us by barge! We’re really Alaskan now. I super like the 5×7 rug we picked out and am a little bummed that it didn’t work, but we stuck it over on the other side of the room in the unofficial office area. I like it there too. It’s been a bit of an adventure trying to make our house work with so few furniture and decor stores to choose from. And let’s not talk about the upstairs. Our kitchen is still a confusing mess of piano, Papasan chair, temporary bed, tv, kitchen stools, etc. I’m honestly more interested in putting a treadmill up there than a table, so I don’t think it’s going to improve much anytime soon.

I’ll wrap this random post up with more Eliot. He did great with a petsitter. I definitely think we will continue going this route in the future as it seems to cause him the least stress. Our sitter sent pictures to us every few days and really I think I’m more scarred. He doesn’t really love us. He just needs someone to cuddle with on the couch and in bed and he’s totally happy. No loyalty at all. He has been just slightly clingy and adorable since we’ve been back, so I guess I’ll forgive him.

The only downside to travel is leaving behind our bat-eared curmudgeon baby.


Yes, he is in a sweater. It’s hard to regulate your temperature after a haircut, OKAY!

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