That title isn’t about this post. It’s about the last two. You can tell I’m still recovering from travel brain. I just plopped the same photos in both posts! Not to mention typos. Oh well. 

This is a little break from the trip for a second. 

On Sunday, after only one and half nights of sleep in her own bed, we packed Rolo up and dropped her off in the Alaskan wilderness. This seemed a little ill advised since she was still struggling a lot with jet lag. I feared that even if she was excited about Girl Scout camp she might get miserable if she kept waking up at 4 am with nobody around to jab her knees and elbows into and wake them up to watch cartoons with her. 

It also seemed a little ill-advised to just drop my kid with strangers at some cabins in the woods and assume they would keep her from becoming bear food. But hey! Rites of passage and whatnot! 

It turned out to be rainy and 55 degrees all three days, but she came home having had a great time anyway. 

If you are curious, she only missed us a little on the first night. She made two best friends. She learned a game called Cheese Touch and a song called The Thip Goeth Thailing on the Thea. I am still finding rocks in pockets. All of her clothes are mysteriously wet even if they were never unpacked. She chose matching clothes on pickup day just for me. She had a ring of dirt around her sock line that required two people to wash off. One of the teachers found a rock shaped like a butt. “A BUTT, mom! So funny! That one will never get old.”

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