Better Late, I Hope. 

Remember how I said I would check in when we got to Prague? Well, it’s our last night in Prague. I’m not so great at this travel blogging in real time thing. The first couple of days were so exhausting and then I just felt behind and didn’t know where to begin. I think I’m just going to start with today and go backwards.

Since it was our last day, we decided to wrap up loose ends. The Jewish Quarter, Souvenirs, and whatever we missed in Old Town. The reason we had to go back to the Jewish Quarter (or Josefov) is because we last ended up there on the Sabbath. We’re very smart that way. While St. Charles Bridge and the Astronomical clock and Karlovo Namesti were practically at a standstill with wall to wall tourists on Saturday, you could nearly hear a pin drop in the Jewish Quarter. All of the synagogues are still in use and therefore closed to tourists that day. 

We bought the highest level of pass to tour the seven Jewish Quarter destinations. By Prague standards is was a bit expensive but worth it. This was my first time inside a synagogue of any kind. The parts that will stand out most in my memory will be the Cemetery…

And the Pinkas Synagogue which contains a memorial for the members of the Jewish community lost to the Nazi occupation of the area…

See those gray walls? Those are tiny handwritten names of all the lives lost…

And that is just the first room. Believe it or not, this will not be the hardest part of this tour. This will be…

This is artwork from children held at Terezin Concentration Camp. Every now and then the plaque under one would tell you that the artist survived. More often than not it told you they had died at Auschwitz just at the end of the war. I wouldn’t normally take pictures of this sort of thing but decided a picture from 1942 of snails drawn exactly as I drew snails in 1989, and Rosalind draws them in 2016, might bring home The Diary of Anne Frank to my middle schoolers more than almost anything else could. 

While it sounds like today was a heavy one, especially for a seven year old, we went on to see and do a bunch of other stuff as well. As tourists do. We did the rest of the tour of the Jewish Quarter. 

Then we did some souvenir shopping and had a beer on a picturesque deck under some trees on the riverbank. We went back to the Charles Bridge just so Rolo could have a caricature done. This is what she had decided she really wanted to do with some of her saved spending money. 

It is so adorable. I might steal it from her. 

We finished off with one last supper Czech meal and beer. When people say the beer is cheaper than water here, they are not joking. Have all the beer! Rosalind got chicken soup and it was hardcore. It had heart in it. She ate it! In fact, she has eaten like a total champ on this trip. 

I’ll do a better food post later. 

Can you see how I felt too behind to get started if this is just today? 

2 thoughts on “Better Late, I Hope. 

  1. so glad you guys got to experience this, it looks so beautiful, the walls with the names of the people that lost their lives was overwhelming, so very sad.

  2. Great pictures! Looks like a fascinating place and the cemeteries are amazing. So glad you’re making some precious memories.

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