Travel Day One

Well, our time in Arkansas drew to a close today. We are on what amounts to the first leg of our travels today. We are flying out of Memphis rather than Little Rock at 6:30 in the morning. This means we have to be at the airport three hours before that (pretty much). So we came on over this morning and spent the day checking out new stuff and stuff from our few years living here. It’s funny trying to explain to your kid that you graduated high school in the amusement park-like Pyramid Bass Pro Shop. I have no doubt she thinks the alligators and live ducks were in attendance at my graduation ceremony. 

I am dealing with the low grade anxiety that comes with traveling at the moment, so I won’t be going into much detail today. With any luck (and lots of planning and organization) I will check back in with you by the time we get settled in Prague a few days from now. Here are some pictures in the meantime. 

Glass balcony!!!

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