NWA Weekend

Rolo and I did a very quick weekend in NWA. We saw Grandma, some friends, and so many children. Since Sergio wasn’t there the adults were officially outnumbered by kids. I did a bit better getting some photographic evidence this time. We spent a morning at the aptly named Amazeum. We didn’t even see the whole thing! Got kids? Go to there! 
We shopped downtown Rogers where we scored some costume jewelry and saltwater taffy. Rolo also found some art, like she does.

Finally, we caught up with friends at a backyard barbecue. The pouring rain only made jumping on the trampoline even more fun for the kids. It was cute to see Rosalind and Will fall right back in together like they haven’t not laid eyes on each other in two years.  

So many babies! The weekend flat wore us out. 

And I think maybe my niece’s dog, Lily, might have missed me while I was gone. 

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