Weekly Update

School ended for students last Thursday. School ended for me around 2 pm on Monday. Since then I have been somewhat busy. Well, scratch that. The first day of break I took about an hour to get out of bed. There is just nothing more luxurious than hanging around in bed as long as you want looking at your phone and stretching and flipping over and looking at your phone some more. The rest of the day was kind of lost because I ended up being mildly sick. Either I had a teacher body shutdown, something some of my colleagues swear happens at the end of each school year, or the milk that I put in my coffee was slightly older than it smelled.

Yesterday I took Rolo to a 7 year well-check in order that she could have a physical done for the girl scout camp she is attending a day after we get back from our summer travels. That was a mouthful. She had been begging to go back to the Fairbanks Children’s Museum ever since we went one day in the winter. I obliged since it was just down the road from the doc. It’s not a large place like some other children’s museums, but it has plenty to entertain Rolo for a couple of hours.

The best part this time was the section full of tools and old electronics that just said “deconstruct.” We took a speaker all the way down to whatever that thing is she’s holding.



She also really likes the microscope. It’s a plastic ant toy butt. I just feel the need to preemptively clarify that…for some reason.


I spent almost all of today prepping some stuff for Sergio while we are gone. We learned last summer that 7 weeks is long time to leave someone alone in Alaska. This time I am leaving behind whatever I can in the way of making him more comfortable. It should help immensely that we live in Fairbanks now. Otherwise, I spent today stocking the freezer with individual sized meals. It’s not that Sergio can’t take care of himself. He is a better cook than me. I just know from my own experience that it is difficult to make yourself cook real meals when you are alone. So our freezer is now full of experiments because I’ve never really meal prepped before. These look a lot better in person, I promise. Sausage, spinach, and mushroom quiches.


I also restocked the cabinets. AND I am leaving Eliot behind this time. It is more convenient (remind me to tell you about our house/pet sitter situation) and provides some companionship for Sergio. Rosalind also recognized that we would be missing Father’s Day again and has declared today “Daddy Day” with a little gift basket all prepped and ready to go. So, hopefully we have done a little better  this time around for the person that doesn’t get to go home. It still sucks that it doesn’t work out for us all to go together.

Otherwise there isn’t much to report. I received notice that I will have a teaching job in this district again next year (kind of a big deal after a year of being told we would all succumb to the terrible economic downturn in our state). I just don’t know where I’ll be teaching or what exactly I’ll be doing. I’ve already been told to change classrooms, and it’s likely I will also be changing subjects… and grade levels. I guess this means I am under absolutely no obligation to spend even a moment of my summer prepping? Right? I think that’s what it means.

T-minus four days until mexican food is in my belly.

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