Growing and Growing and…

First and last day of 1st grade.

As a teacher and a parent I remembered to pick up a gift for her teacher yesterday. A succulent and a pack of Rolos (a signature move). Rosalind made a heartfelt pop-up card as well. But as a poorly organized and somewhat thoughtless mom, I forgot her morning care teacher. This teacher always goes out of her way to make sure Rolo is part of everything and gets the little treats and gifts she gives to her all day kids. So Rolo started making her a card this morning and Sergio said he would grab a gift card on the way to drop her off. Rosalind, being Rosalind, couldn’t bear the thought that any teacher she had any experience with this year would go without something. So I found myself part of an assembly line this morning helping to make additional pop-up cards. The gym teacher, the music teacher, the librarian, etc. Each card had a different, subject appropriate message. For example, to the music teacher, “Have a musical summer!”

Rosalind can be pretty sweet when she wants to be.

On Tuesday Rolo bridged from Girl Scout Daisy to Brownie. She was pretty excited. It turns out Sergio has a special talent for ironing on the patches and lining up the paraphernalia appropriately. That will be his job from now on. My patches have a way of falling off.

A Brownie and a 2nd grader. Phew. So much growing up.

2 thoughts on “Growing and Growing and…

  1. that is so awesome, walking over the bridge to become a brownie, I love it. A second grader, I need it to stop it is going by sosooooooooooooo fast.

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