Two Parts

Part One:

I adulted successfully last week! In much the same way that I don’t know when to go the doctor, I also rarely know when is the exact right time to take my vehicles in for repair. If we’re talking the doctor I understand to go in for yearly checkups that are already organized, and to go to the emergency room if I or my loved one is bleeding profusely or turning blue or seeing their own bones outside of their skin. That sort of thing. If we are talking mechanic, it’s pretty much the same deal. Regular maintenance appointments or so broken I got stranded on the road. There is no in between.

It was through this regularly scheduled maintenance thing that I found out that the truck I have been driving was about to fall apart. Literally. And let’s not get overexcited about my awesome adult behaviors. The truth is that my truck probably needed an oil change back when I got it in October. I just now got around to doing that. Also, I knew that my truck made a horrific noise when I put it into gear, and also when I accelerated, and also when I decelerated, and pretty much just always. I avoided the mechanic because I didn’t want to find out that I needed a repair that would cost almost as much as I spent on the truck.

So during my oil change at the local place here the mechanic informed me with really big eyes and a pleading voice that I needed to repair my truck or I would be spending more on a tow truck than I would on the repair within two weeks. I don’t know that he was entirely accurate because my truck didn’t sound any worse than before, but I do think it was only a matter of time. The adult thing I did was that I went ahead and scheduled another appointment to have the problem fixed. And it was easy! And it was far more affordable than I would have expected. Now my truck runs so great! I mean, as great as 14 year old truck that has “The Clapper” graffitied on the dashboard could be expected to run.*

I’ll be 34 in a couple months and I think I’ve finally gotten this whole grown-up thing down.**

* I feel I should mention that back in October when Sergio got here from Bethel we had less than a weekend to find and buy a second vehicle with the cash we could easily withdraw from the ATM. The truck ran and has always performed as well as I have needed. Don’t judge the shabbiness.

**Obviously, I am a pretty pitiful adult and fully aware of it. You can judge me if you like.

Part Two:

Sixteen years ago today my mom pulled me out of school so we could drive to Little Rock before the arrival of my very first niece. I can’t quite believe how quickly those years flew by. So, what do you buy your niece on her 16th birthday? A car? A phone? A computer? Clothes? Other stuff a 16 year old might reasonably want? Nope. You buy her three coloring books. Three Harry Potter coloring books. Because she asked for them. Because she is awesome. Happy birthday, Sam! My next gift to you is that I won’t put up the derp face picture you sent me of yourself yesterday, though I am sorely tempted.

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