Ranting and Tape Rolling

Rosalind said to me right after waking up this morning, while sitting in my lap having wake up cuddle/rocking time –

“I know you couldn’t see it because you have to work, but we had a performance at school yesterday and our class sang.”

To which I replied with –

dumbfounded stare….



“You had a performance? Yesterday? I didn’t know! Did I miss an announcement? Was it planned? Did you know? Why didn’t I know? I would have come! We would have come if we had known!” Then I smothered her in reassuring guilt hugs.

She said that she didn’t know about it either. And then later that maybe she sort of knew but not which day. She had never mentioned it. I went back to her school newsletter and her classroom newsletter. Both mentioned a Spring Concert. That was it. It was just part of the calendar in the same way that the band concert had been, making me assume that it was only for certain students. Students that KNEW they would be performing. I get paragraphs full of information every week over what book they are reading and what clothes they should be wearing for the weather. They couldn’t spare a sentence explaining the spring concert?

I am so horrified. I am so upset actually. This is a failure on the part of somebody else that now looks like my failure as a parent. As I am generally the least confrontational person in the room, I can’t decide how angry I am allowed to be. My first instinct was to just let it go, like I do, but as the day has gone on I have not been able to let it go. You could tell she was bummed that we didn’t show. As far as she understood we knew about it and chose not to come or at the least couldn’t make it work. Not to mention, it is literally the only thing this new school has had that we could go see her do so far in her 1st grade year. I have stepped foot inside her classroom three times this year. Open house, two P/T conferences. That is it. I just feel so disconnected. And I’ve already felt like a crazy person for (very politely) checking in with her teacher regularly via email.

So I’m venting here since I know I’ll never vent anywhere else. I’m not even sure where the blame should fall. Bethel wins this round. I always knew everything happening in that building and attended something on a near weekly basis. Look at Bethel winning something.

Totally different topic for a sec. If you were wondering how my duct tape wallet math turned out, the answer is very badly. I actually only bought one small roll per table that first time, so 7 rolls. It was gone midway through 2nd period (to be fair, I vastly underestimated how much they would ruin). I had to change my whole plan with my last 7th grade class because I was out of supplies. I bought 7 more small rolls today and one large roll. If my wonderful, amazing, helpful, overachieving kiddos hadn’t decided to bring in decorative duct tape of their own we wouldn’t have even come close. Ultimately it’s going to take 23 small to mid size rolls and three large rolls. There will be some leftover but not as much as you might expect. That’s after deciding not to let my 8th graders in on the assignment, so only about 75 wallets total. Long story short: it’s a bigger investment than you think it’s going to be, it’s slightly harder for them to accomplish than I expected, a lot of confusing things show up before you realize that some kids don’t understand a 1×4 measurement, they will super dig the finished product.

2 thoughts on “Ranting and Tape Rolling

  1. I understand completely how you feel about not getting to see her concert, I would also be very upset, But Rosalind is such a wonderful understanding child just make it clear to her it was their fault and not yours.

  2. That’s terrible! Why didn’t they send something home with her homework/reading? I am so sorry Dawn. Kudos to Rosalind for bringing it up and framing it in such a thoughtful way though!

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