My Own Worst Enemy

My morning hit a sour note when, after having left home early to go to the grocery store for school supplies, I pulled Sergio’s car keys out of my purse. If that wasn’t a clear way to say that, let me explain. I left home a few minutes early. I ran to the grocery store for coffee and 10 rolls of duct tape. I drove to work. I parked. Something like 40 minutes had gone by since I left home. I dug around my purse for my work keys so I could enter the building. I pulled out Sergio’s car keys. I gasped. Audibly. I checked my phone and found 5 missed calls. I pulled straight back out of the parking lot and tried to speed back home only to find myself behind a tractor and ahead of a trooper. I did not get pulled over. The morning wasn’t that sour (I totally got pulled over on Saturday), but it did slow me way down to have to wait and legally pass the tractor. Just to give you some perspective, Sergio and Rosalind usually leave within 5 minutes of me in the morning. So they just sat there getting later and later the whole time I didn’t know my phone was ringing.

That’s pretty much how my whole day has felt. Nothing else has gone wrong due to my ineptitude, but it still pretty much jacked my whole day.

Why 10 rolls of duct tape? I am trying desperately to keep these kids entertained with work loosely associated with English for at least four more days. We are working on reading and writing coherent instructional texts. Today we analyzed a poorly written set of instructions and then a better set over the task of making a duct tape wallet. There is a decent chance that 10 rolls of duct tape will not make 110 wallets. I’ll probably have to go back and buy the mega roll to finish out.

Why did I get pulled over on Saturday? I was speeding. North Pole is flat and all the roads are straight. Neither my nor Sergio’s speedometers are currently working. It’s really easy to lose track of whether you are going 40 mph on a wide open straightaway if you forgot to turn on your phone speedometer. In a sort of comedy of errors I had to explain that the panel was out in the car and I didn’t realize I was speeding. Then I handed him my ID. My Arkansas ID. Two years into living in Alaska. We got that straightened out and then he checked the insurance. The only paperwork I could find was out of date. Sergio keeps his info on his phone, which isn’t helpful when I’m alone. Broken car, wrong ID, and out of date insurance documents. Not to mention that I was within eyesight of home which just made it all feel sort of insulting.

How is your week going?

Oh, I am behind on this part. I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day! I was well taken care of by my peoples. I’ll take any tips on keeping an orchid alive.

2 thoughts on “My Own Worst Enemy

  1. I am so sorry about how your day went,On the upside I hope since Sergio is a Lawyer he can get your sentence reduced. LOL

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