Teacher Thoughts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Today I finally returned all the projects that have been sitting in a pile on my bookshelf since the 1st quarter! Efficiency is one of my defining personality traits. Obviously. They were graded in a timely manner. I just never gave them back. Or at least I never gave them back to 4th and 5th periods. It seems my motivation to return items came in fits and starts on that day. Whatever. I’m fine to celebrate small victories.

I’ve also been chasing students down in the halls and making them take home (or trash) the big project from this quarter. I can’t step on anymore dioramas. I super appreciate the students that created newscasts on iPads and deleted them right after. I love that. No more physical projects ever!

I also signed up for Gradecam somewhat reluctantly because I couldn’t figure out why it would be better than old school scantrons (Gradecam costs $15 a month). It works by letting you create a key and and an answer sheet on their website. You import your students from your gradebook. Then when they finish their test they come and hold the answer sheet in front of your computer camera and it grades it instantly. That’s nice and all, but the best part is that I had all my data transferred to my gradebook before class was out. I also had all the info I needed about class passage rates, average scores, universally problematic questions, etc. I really need to up my test and quiz game now that I have this information.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and some of my students in several classes made these impromptu cards for me and had everyone sign. So sweet. However, teaching English has just about ruined sweet notes for me. All I can see in every line is how I’ve failed as their teacher this year. So much less stress when I wasn’t the one responsible for making them functional adults that understand basic grammar. Sigh.

I just got an email, literally at this moment, that told us about a phenomenon that popped up today at lunch wherein students are wearing their sweatshirts as pants. What? I’m sorry. Whaaaattt? Is this a thing? How is this a thing? I mean…why?

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