Just Quick

I can’t wear white. Or perhaps off-white? Cream? All forms of white! Reason #1: I spilled coffee all down the front of my cream colored shirt this morning. I was at work less than 10 minutes before this happened. I’m not adult enough to carry around Tide pens or baby wipes and so was ruined for the day. Reason #2: I have been told twice today that I look really tired. Directly by a student and then later by the neighbor teacher who told me, “you can make it.” This is the indirect adult teacher way of saying you look tired. Not fair. I wore mascara today. You don’t get to tell me I look tired if I took the time to put on mascara! I didn’t realize wearing white on my translucent skin would negate all the effort of two messy swipes of mascara. Upper lids only. Never let it be said that I don’t rock this makeup game.

What’s new in the world of Rolo? Let’s check in.

She had some sealants done for her permanent teeth. She handled it really well.


She has taken to journaling.


If you wear her out just enough she’ll still fall asleep in the car holding an empty drink, just like when she was a baby.


Rolo loves this goofy mural at a little restaurant here in North Pole. She has asked us to take a picture in front of it since we first discovered this place. We finally gave in to the fact that she’s only seven and took one for her.


I wrote this post yesterday but was busy and just got around to publishing. Just so you know, I am wearing a pink shirt today but managed no mascara swipes this morning. I have not yet been told I look tired. I also managed not to spill my coffee on myself.

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