Four Things

First, on Friday we finished the Lego set Rolo requested for her birthday. Unlike most Lego sets that we only display for a week or so before dismantling and dispersing back into the general population, I think this one has a permanent spot as decor in our home. He’s just so versatile.

He can thoughtfully invite you to view his former trash compacter/current plant compartment.


He can mournfully entreat you to join his adventure.


He can be alert and inquisitive.


He can shame you for checking out his butt jets as he rolls away.


Hard to say who likes him best in the family.

Second, I craved a salad all week long. Specifically, the buffalo blue chicken salad from Zaxby’s. I don’t how many hundreds of miles separate me from that particular fast food joint, but I think it’s a significant amount. No problem! This is a salad I can easily make at home. It was easy to compile the ingredients. We even freshly fried our own chicken tenders. The error seems to have occurred when I decided to drizzle the buffalo sauce over the salad like I would do the barbecue sauce on a barbecue salad, instead of simply tossing the chicken in the sauce. I wanted crispy tenders! Sue me.

This is the salad as I was tossing my ingredients together, just before I bit into it.


Just before the moment we discovered we had made a salad straight from the bowels of hell.

I know it doesn’t look like it, but this was pure fire. I enjoy spice. There was nothing enjoyable here. We both started eating really quickly trying to outrun the heat. Finally we realized it was futile and allowed ourselves to admit total failure. We rounded out our dinner with frozen miniature candy bars. Don’t make this salad. At least not this way.

Third, while we puttered around making dinner that night, Sergio set up Rolo’s camp hammock outside. She greatly enjoyed sitting in her mosquito protected hammock. Here she is either reading or playing with an iPhone. Hard to tell.


Finally, on Sunday Sergio and I participated in a sprint triathlon at our gym. It was for charity. The one real downside about leaving Bethel is that I no longer have the drive to work out everyday like a prisoner counting down her time. I only manage good workouts on the weekends and have subsequently lost a lot of mental drive. So we signed up for some external motivation. I don’t want you to think this is braggy. First of all, it was all indoors. No hills! No danger of wrecking a bike or drowning! Second, I totally posted the worst times. I knew I would.* The point of telling you this is to point out that I am freaking starving. I have been starving since I finished yesterday. I just sat and ate a really crunchy salad right in front of my 4th period class because I couldn’t wait until lunch an hour later. I need more food! Now! Which seems sort of counterproductive.

*Sergio posted some of the top three times for run and bike. Show off.

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