Our Weekend Told Backwardly

We had one of those Sunday afternoons that was satisfying for productivity if not for relaxation. I cleaned the bathrooms and scrubbed down the kitchen. Sergio caught up the laundry and dealt with the floors. Rosalind eventually picked up her room and helped me re-pot a bunch of herbs that grew more bountifully than we expected (50 million hours of sun per day will do that to you). We did find time to sit down and watch the last Mockingjay movie, so that’s something. Before all of the cleaning and house stuff we went into town for breakfast and to restock our water cooler containers. We decided to drive around. We saw baby reindeer. Here is one.

Him is so cute! These are part of the UAF campus. I think there will be a lot more soon.

We also went out to Creamer’s Field because we were told we should. We went in the fall as well, but there was less to see. This field is a migratory stop for about thirty species of birds? We counted five species (and so many hundreds of birds) for sure on Sunday. My pictures give you no sense of scale. I always like the geese the best. I like how they honk. I didn’t love how they honked when I was a kid in Georgia and for a couple of weeks every year they would wake us up like clockwork while passing over. Geese have poor indoor voices. The swans were cool. The gulls were strangely massive. And so many ducks with butts in the air. We had a pretty fun time watching one poor duck fella keep trying to climb up on the ice only to have it break underneath him. He ended up clearing a great path for all the ducks that followed, but I felt like I could hear him cursing all the way across the field. We thought we would hike one of the trails but found the mud to be shin deep. We were not prepared in that moment for that eventuality.

You know what I didn’t see? Ravens! Where do the ravens go when all the other birds come back? Now I’m curious.

Saturday was relaxing like weekend days should be. We had another fire in our pit and made hobo dinners (some in the fire and some in the oven) and stuffed ourselves full of S’mores again. Only this time with Nutella instead of Hershey’s. This is how S’mores should be done. Take my word for it. We’ll probably have to take a break on them soon. Primarily because I feel like a swollen tick, but also because a piece of flaming marshmallow attacked Sergio’s nose and legit scalded him. It’s not my fault if I laughed before realizing it actually really burned him. Go have Nutella S’mores right this minute, but be careful how hard you blow out your flaming marshmallow or it will backdraft. Now you know.

When you live in a place that will never feel even a little bit tropical, it’s best just to pretend. That’s why you could find me having a homemade strawberry daquiri (no shame) by the fire on Saturday night. Nutribullet can make a fine frozen cocktail. So nutritious!


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