Soggy Spring and S’mores

The first three weeks of the last nine weeks of the school year are a mental drudge. You know you are in the home stretch but you are not yet close enough to the finish line to feel the giddy anticipation. We are just now, at this very moment (halfway through the fourth week), approaching that marker. I think that is why I had such a hard time sitting down to write anything over the last couple of weeks. Everything was the same. There was still so much time to go. Nothing felt exciting.

I hate to break it to you but I still have no topic to write about. Our weekends are routine. Lovely and all, but still a routine. Our weeks are the same. Thankfully, the weather has quit being an inconsistent nuisance and has remained springy all week. It seems every time we plan to take a long drive to see something outside of the Fairbanks area the weather decides to mess with us and dump snow. We finally gave in after the third time this happened and quit making plans. Instead we bought a little fire pit and s’more ingredients and had a good little time on our lower back deck over the weekend.


It turns out all I really need from the camping experience is a fire and s’mores. I was more than happy to have a home cooked meal by the fire and then climb into my own bed at the end of the day. Not to mention we were not visited by any unwelcome Alaskan wildlife.

Sorry there is nothing more exciting to share. I can tell you that Fairbanks students have 26 days of school left. I have 28 work days. There are 6 1/2 weeks left until some time back home. 10 1/2 weeks until we head to Europe. I’ll just be over here Pinterest planning my travel wardrobe until something worth talking about happens.

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