Candy and Deviled Eggs Abound

Here is a little snapshot of some of Easter. I forgot to take a picture of dinner but it was really good. The ham was so pretty it deserved a picture. Rosalind received Rey’s lightsaber that both lights up and makes noises when you move it, and I probably should have gotten a picture of that.


The Easter bunny is so problematic. I’m pretty sure that the bunny is Santa’s downfall. When do you hide the Easter eggs? How do you keep your kid on track without giving it away? More than once yesterday I discussed buying the basket stuff right out loud in front of Rolo. The excuses and methods we use to make it work and try to hold on to any magic are increasingly farfetched and lame. Pretty sure Rolo knows we are full of shit but doesn’t want to risk losing presents and candy so won’t ask.

P.S. I don’t know why there is a random fork on the counter in that picture. We did finally trash the pumpkin. #alwaysontheball

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