Friday Updates

Uuuuuuggghghghghg. That’s how my brain and body feel after the first week back at work following the break. If you think I’m just being whiny and dramatic I would point out that there are 12 subs in the building today. That’s about half the teaching staff. You can think me whiny but at least I am here!

Rosalind had a lovely birthday. As I mentioned, we are not doing any sort of major party this year. I wrestled with it forever leading up to her birthday and just felt like it wasn’t going to come together properly this year. I was really worried about suddenly pulling the rug out from under having parties. I thought Rolo might be really disappointed and, like, brat scarred or something. We decided to do what we could to make it feel extra special on the day. We decorated the upstairs with banners and balloons and streamers so that she would walk out into that when she woke up. It was only $10 worth of decorations from Wal-mart but it packed a dramatic punch. We also had her requested dinner (nachos), gifts, and ice cream cake for the evening. What really topped it all off though was the unexpected stuff. Her morning care program had a small party for her before school, complete with candles, a gift, and pancakes. She also took a birthday snack with her to school to share with the class and they sang to her. I think in the end she felt super celebrated the whole day and seems totally happy with how it all went down. Probably still erred on the side of overindulgence.

It’s getting really warm. 41 degrees! This is the weather I wanted last week, but I’ll still take it now. The kids are switching from heavy coats and mittens to light coats and no snow pants necessary! Rosalind is so thrilled with that development. Snow is still deep on the grassy areas but all the asphalt and concrete are clearing up almost completely. We think we’ll be able to go out to Chena Lakes this weekend and ride bikes and scooters on the dry sidewalks.

One of the leading causes of the warm weather has to be the extended sun. We’re already at the point that the sun is bright and shiny when Rolo goes to bed. She did not understand the other day when we made her come in from outside to go to bed when it was clearly still early afternoon.We’re probably only a week or so away from Sergio doing his weird waking up ten minutes after he falls asleep and getting ready for work thing.

We still haven’t moved the pumpkin.


See what I meant about the moose gently setting the lid aside before having a nibble?


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