Break, but Not Spring

Spring break is over. Poo.

I should be grading so I’ll keep this short. Spring break was nice because it gave us time away from work. Sergio took some of the days off to hang out. We slept in, worked out, read some books, cleaned the house, saw Zootopia. Stuff like that.

Originally we were going to drive to Anchorage at the end of the week and stop and have a look around Denali and Talkeetna along the way. We were going to do something fun in Anchorage for Rolo’s birthday. Alas, no. The weather decided to be a jerk about the whole thing.

It finally decided to get cold and snow again. After a super mild winter, after the roads had completely cleared, after we already thought spring was clearly on the way, it snowed again. If we live here long enough I am sure we will one day look back and realize we should have driven the 7 hours anyway, but we didn’t take the chance. We canceled the road trip not knowing what the snow in the valley beside Denali would be like. We didn’t want a relaxing road trip to turn into a knuckle whitening 11 hour drive.

Then it just stayed cold and dreary the rest of the week. I still had a nice time; I just find the weather frustrating. It’s especially galling now that the sun is all “look at me! I’m glorious!” It’s warm again. The roads are almost completely clear. The sun is shining brightly. But I am back at my desk grading papers. Poo.

Rolo enjoying the nice spring weather over break.


Isn’t this how you play with Barbie dolls where you are?

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