My Grammar is All Over The Place Today

Spring Break! Springbreakspringbreakspringbreakspringbreak! Nearly there.

Remember back in the early fall when our neighbor startled us by operating a table saw next to our bedroom wall near midnight? Well, we inadvertently startled him back this week. You know how sometimes you carve a pumpkin for Halloween and stick it in the flower bed in front of your house, but then it snows so much that the pumpkin is buried for the remainder of winter? And you kind of know about it but kind of forget? I know we’ve all been there. Then a few months later the snow starts to melt, not because it’s above freezing but because the sun is out all the sudden and melting stuff? And then the pumpkin reemerges in a perfect frozen state? You think to yourself that you oughta put that in the trash the next time it’s trash day but before that can happen you walk out and realize that something has eaten most of the frozen pumpkin? Then your neighbor tells you it was a giant moose and he knows that because it was doing so when he walked out of his house to his car and he nearly physically ran right into the actual moose? Yeah, that’s how you startle the neighbor. It takes a lot of patience.

The best part is how delicate the moose must have been. Next to the uniformly nibbled body of the pumpkin is the stemmed lid. You can just perfectly imagine the moose gently biting the stem and setting the lid aside before digging into his meal. So cute. I’ll try to take a picture because, yes, the frozen, nibbled pumpkin carcass is still sitting in it’s frozen perfection. We are nothing if not on the ball at all times.

I saw two squirrels in our trees yesterday. Spring, yo!

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