Parenting Fun

So, how detailed would you like me to get about our vomit-filled last couple of days? Pretty detailed, right?

No? NO? What do you mean you would prefer I keep those details to myself. I can’t believe it.

Fine. My kid had a pukey Sunday and Monday. I spent a lot of time cleaning. Rolo helped us out by getting to the toilet each time this go around, but puke just has a way of getting places, you know.

As always, we hoped she would be fine to go to school yesterday and went about our morning as though she was fully recovered and would make it to school. I had already showered, dressed, made coffee, made smoothies, and made her lunch when she informed me that I was going to have to clean the shower because she had puked while in there. It was too late to get a sub the easy way and I had to frantically call our school secretary while driving to work to quickly set up for whoever they got to stay with my classes. I lucked out this time. They had a random sub leftover. That almost never happens!

Rolo and I spent the day shifting between cuddling on the couch watching Harry Potter movies to her sleeping while I deep cleaned the house. Parts of the house anyway.

Though I couldn’t get much down her until around 5 pm last night, I did manage to entice her with this little treat around mid morning. She even kept it down. Never underestimate the power of Nutella. And lots of popsicles. And a three hour nap.

We are all back at work and school today. The question now is whether Sergio and I will escape this bug. My stomach feels uneasy, but I can’t decide if I’m getting sick or just unable to shake my close proximity to vomit over the last couple of days. Blech.

Eliot was unfazed by the whole ordeal.





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