Tired Tooth Fairy


She lost another one. I don’t know how she is going to bite into anything anymore.

The silver lining to the loss of the latest tooth is that it was obviously pushed out by the better late than never (she lost it in November) front tooth. The bad thing seems to be that there is no way there is going to be room for that giant front tooth that’s peeking through and the eventual other tooth too.

I’m becoming really concerned that her little mouth just isn’t big enough for the teeth she’s already getting. It’s time for a dentist appointment anyway, so I guess I need to ask if this is a problem. Are all grownup teeth this alarming for all parents or am I right to be concerned?

The latest bottom tooth is also coming in all sideways. I can see we need to be shifting some of the college savings to a braces account.

3 thoughts on “Tired Tooth Fairy

  1. I really don’t know, I think it will all work itself out, but again I don’t know anything, I hope it will all work itself out.

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