I Should Have a Nature Show

When Rosalind is at piano lessons I usually just sit in my truck in the driveway and read a book. Her piano lessons are at the home of her instructor which is placed in the woods like nearly every other North Pole home.

I was doing this yesterday when I spotted a large animal off to my left. I say a large animal because I first identified it as a moose. That’s usually what we see around here and it’s a pretty safe assumption. However, I just used the Chris McCandless article in my 8th grade class a few weeks ago and now I’m unsure of whether I’m pulling a McCandless and misidentifying large caribou as small moose. It had no horns and struck me as a large toddler moose. Like it was born last spring? I don’t know. I’ve been looking up pictures of “caribou no horns” and “moose no horns” and this was one of the top image responses.


I don’t know much but I am pretty sure that’s a rhino. It occurs to me now that the problem is the term “horns.” I imagine I should be using “antlers.” We’ll file this under, “Ways in Which Dawn Fails at Alaska.”

So, yeah. A large animal came out of the woods and trotted toward my truck and acted like maybe it wanted to chill with me. I was quite alarmed. At some point I was going to have to get out of the car and go fetch my kid, and I didn’t know what I would do if this large animal was still chilling.

In the end it just turned away and meandered across the road. Not that exciting of a story really, now that I reflect. It felt exciting at the time. Besides, the internet has informed me that I spotted a baby black rhino in the wilds of Alaska. Good for me.

3 thoughts on “I Should Have a Nature Show

  1. were you too scared to take a picture of it? I would have liked to see what you were seeing. If you ever get a chance please take a picture of a moose if you see another one.

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