Well, I Tried.

I keep sitting down to write something for the blog and coming up short. That doesn’t usually stop me. I’m feeling oddly blank lately, but only in the sense that I’ve been really actively organizing and teaching for the last couple of weeks and don’t have much mental energy left over. Also, Rosalind is running us ragged between piano, Girl Scouts, after school Spanish, and Saturday swim. Also, I can’t think of anything to discuss outside the weather.

Much like the rest of the country, it seems spring has come a bit early this year. For us that still means snow on the ground, but it gets quite slippery and slushy during the day. Roof snow is melting off. The sun is warm. It even got warm enough to rain on us last week. I’ve asked around and this is definitely not normal, but I do think it is real. If I learned one thing in Bethel it is that you could tell it was spring when the birds came back. I’ve been hearing some delicate little chirps from time to time and nobody would ever call the raven’s croak a delicate chirp. It may still snow but the temperature is staying on a steady incline.

It’s two weeks until Spring Break for us. That’s a little earlier than the rest of you guys, right? I need it. Especially after that last class that just left my room. Yeesh. I don’t think we are planning to do anything this year, though we have considered driving the road between here and Anchorage if the conditions are still good. Even if I do nothing but sit on the couch for a week it will be absolutely wonderful.

We woke up this morning to no hot water and nothing has really improved since. I think I’m going to wrap this up because quite frankly I’m just having one of those grumpy days where everything bugs me and I can’t really think of anything nice to say. And if you can’t think of anything nice to say…


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