I just came home after a staff meeting and threw together two lasagnes (one for us and one for donating to a school charity thing), while also watching Rolo practice piano and do homework,  and still left myself enough time to sit for ten whole minutes before taking off for piano lessons. Mom Mode level 10! 

It’s been above freezing for two days. Look at that again. Above freezing! Not zero! Freezing! I don’t have to plug up my car! My hands aren’t freezing on the steering wheel! I left a pack of water in the car and when I came back it was still water! It’s getting crazy over here. 

The sun is up until after piano lessons already, which means about 6:00 pm. We’re also starting to see it peeking above the horizon in the morning as well. Sooner than later we won’t see the dark at all for a few months, but it’s a nice change for now. 

Rosalind dressed up for Thinking Day with her Girl Scout group. I can’t say I enjoyed much about the total chaos of the event. She looked cute though. Here is my wee Scottish Lass. By wee I mean tall and lanky. 

Oh, I made shortbread cookies for that event. I’m just mom-ing  all over the place. 

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