Getting Prepared Early

It is unnecessarily difficult to get a passport in Fairbanks. You can only do it at one location. One location to serve the entire Alaskan Interior. You can only get it done between the hours of 10 and 3. How useless! When you go you must take a number and wait. And wait. And wait. While it’s probably not part of the plan, the equipment breaks on you once or twice for good measure! With a maximum of inconvenience and difficulty, Rosalind has applied for her passport. Assuming nothing goes wrong with the application (I’m not holding my breath considering the circumstances) Rolo will be able to accompany us on our trip this summer.

Have we mentioned this here? We are planning a couple of weeks abroad this summer. Since we will have kids in tow we opted for a week in London. Yes, we have both been there a time or two, but it never gets old and seems very approachable for a 7 and 16 (Sam) year old. Harry Potter Studios! I’m coming for you!

Prague is pretty much for Sergio and me! We’ve wanted to go since we began dating. Neither of us has been there before which puts us on an even playing field. We’ll both be stumbling around struggling with Czech signs equally! In my experience with Europe we will probably find that there is plenty of English to go around, but maybe not.

Oh, and we’ll hit Toronto by virtue of overnight layovers. We’ll actually have enough time to explore a bit on the way home.

Anyway, expect to hear more about all of this as the date approaches.

What we have accomplished so far:

*An apartment rented for a week in each location.

*A B&B booked near the Stansted airport.

*Harry Potter Studio Tour tickets.

*London Passes.

*All of our plane tickets (ohmygoodness, this part was the first and hardest part. I should really write a post about that whole process though it wouldn’t be exciting.)

*A hotel booked in Toronto for when we fly home.

*Tickets to get Rolo and I home to Arkansas for a month before the trip.

*A rough draft of activities, beer gardens, and restaurants we’ll need to start cutting down very soon.

Still to do:

*Oyster cards.

*Train tickets from Gatwick to Stansted. Or is it Heathrow to Stansted? I don’t remember anymore.

*Nearly everything that constitutes entertainment in Prague. This isn’t our fault. It’s much harder to buy stuff ahead of time there, or at least this far ahead of time. Also, I think Sergio fully plans to sit in Czech beer gardens on a daily basis for hours at a time. So…not much planning ahead needed for that.

We’ve been very busy little bees behind the scenes these last several months.





3 thoughts on “Getting Prepared Early

  1. Hey! You might like to take the bus between the airports in the UK, National Express run direct services between them – no dragging a suitcase on the underground! I don’t work for them, I am a Brit living in Northern Sweden and end up using public transport when I visit my family there.

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