This morning I was very excited by how fantastic the Aurora Borealis was on my way to work. Everyone at work talked about how great it had been. As I continued to talk to other teachers, students, and Sergio, I realized that other people saw a better show than me. They all saw the same fast dancing lights in green, the streams that swoop away and back again, just like me. But many people saw all that in pinks, and some in purples. PURPLES! You really have to be in the right place at the right time to see it so fully, and there can be basically no light pollution at all. As it happens, I was driving down the road with periodic street lights and constant headlights in my rearview mirror, while craning my neck straight up and out the top of my window. Less than ideal conditions to say the least. I feel slightly robbed.

After a week on morning smoothies I … had constant low grade nausea and a radiating pain in my lower left abdomen! Pretty sure that’s not the intended outcome. I’m not one for major self-diagnosis but a quick internet search tells me to try fruits without tiny seeds that turn into jagged stomach swords when pulverized. So this week I am trying pineapple, peach, and mango. I feel good so far, but it’s okay if it doesn’t all work out for a healthy life. Turns out the Nutribullet makes a mean chocolate milkshake with salted peanuts.

You’ll all be glad to know I finally turned in my work that I kept putting off. One day early! Envy my skills.


One thought on “Blurby

  1. Look up the recipe for “Green Monster” smoothie on We have that most morning for breakfast. We sub the “better’n’butter” for actual peanut butter. You can’t taste the spinach…tastes more like the pb and banana.

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