One of my favorites.

I know it’s strange to be broken up over someone I don’t actually know, but the death of Alan Rickman got to me.

Sergio sent me this from Slate and it’s spot on-

“Younger audiences know Rickman best as Severus Snape, the cruel potions master in all eight Harry Potter movies. He is, of course, perfect in the role, sneering and drawling and J.K. Rowling his way through every delicious scene he can get his hands on. (What other actor could make “Turn to page three hundred and ninety-four” a laugh line?) But I remember, just before the final book came out, when a greatdebate raged  among readers as to whether Snape would be finally revealed as good or evil. Through it all, I was steadfast in my belief that Snape was, at center, a tragic hero. That assurance wasn’t based, really, on any clues from the text. It was based solely on the fact that, long ago, the film’s producers—with Rowling’s presumed assent—had cast Alan Rickman in the role. You’d never do that, I was certain, if the character wasn’t meant to break our hearts.”

He was what made Snape worth liking, but he was also Colonel Brandon, The Voice of God, Marvin, Blue Caterpillar, the Sheriff of Nottingham, and more. I’ll miss his voice.

Let’s leave it with something inappropriate but fitting.

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