How Old Am I?

My Kindle account thinks I’m a young teenager. I figured this out when I started my trial month and it kept suggesting I start this or the other new YA series. I was a little bit offended. I’m a mature, grown-up person! Nevermind the fact that I have Harry Potter posters all over my classroom and pop vinyl toys decorating my windows. I’m a very old soul! (I should take this moment to point out that a mystery student gave me an awesome Christmas gift of Hulk and Spiderman figurines for my window. I was already thrilled, and then I flipped them over and realized they were stamps!!!)

Where was I? Right! Maturity abounds with me!

After seeing my Kindle suggestions, I indignantly went into one of my secret Pinterest boards where I keep a running list of what I have read. This is the 2015 list.

Fifty Shades Darker – James (What an embarrassing start!)

The Death Cure – Dashner

Orphan Train – Kline

Miramont’s Ghost – Hall (Sometimes Amazon sends me free books. This was one.)

Far From the Madding Crowd – Hardy

Texts from Jane Eyre – Ortberg

Everything Burns – Zandri (This was another freebie, and it made me question freebies.)

American Gods – Gaiman (LOVED)

I Must Say – Short

Anne of Green Gables – Montgomery (This might have been one of the bigger contributors to my misunderstood age. I decided to revisit Anne as an adult because the complete series was 99 cents. I had never read more than Green Gables. You’ll see how that changed.)

Serenity: Those Left Behind – Whedon (It’s a comic series, soooo….)

Serenity: Better Days – Whedon

Anne of Avonlea – Montgomery

Buried Giant – Ishiguro

Anne of the Island – Montgomery

Anne’s House of Dreams – Montgomery

Villette – Bronte (Still mulling over my feelings on this one months later.)

Rainbow Valley – Montgomery

The Hobbit – Tolkien

Rilla of Ingleside – Montgomery (Why are there so many of these?!)

Old Yeller – Gipson (The Hobbit and this one were both things I read with my younger students. This trend increased after I began teaching English.)

Chronicles of Avonlea – Montgomery (I super don’t even care anymore. Everyone in Avonlea is a busybody.)

American Pastoral – Roth

Whiskey Beach – Roberts

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Rowling (I read it to Rolo this time.)

Saga One – Vaughan (Comic series again)

Further Chronicles of Avonlea – Montgomery (You gotta be kidding me L.M.!)

Missoula – Krakauer

Stuck In Neutral – Trueman (8th grade curriculum)

Saga Two – Vaughan

The Kill Order – Dashner

The Martian – Weir

Furiously Happy – Lawson

Fortunately, The Milk – Gaiman (Read to Rolo)

Space Dumplins – Thompson (Rolo)

Saga Three – Vaughan

The Graveyard Book – Gaiman (Considering for the classroom but mostly read it for myself.)

The Giver – Lowry (7th Grade curriculum)

Saga Four – Vaughan

Lockdown – Smith (Read at the request of other department teachers to consider for lit circles. Determination? No.)

Dragonfly in Amber – Gabaldon (Despite being romantic historical fiction, which is generally my sweet spot, I hated this and made myself get through it. It took forever because I would avoid it for days.)

Modern Romance – Ansari

The Good Neighbor – Banner

Serenity: Float Out – Oswalt

Perhaps Amazon is not confused about who I am as a person. Perhaps the confusion is all my own.

***Warning: Don’t let Saga being a comic confuse you. Under no circumstance should a child or teen pick up Saga. I took them off our bookshelf when our 14 year old babysitter was around.***




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