Things That I’m Enjoying This Week

Guess what? The date of submitting my work was postponed a bit! I am now procrastinating again. I am a broken person.

I have had morning smoothies for the last two days (kale, spinach, carrots, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, almond butter, honey). I also finally began taking my Vitamin D supplements like a good little Alaskan should. One or both of these things has helped stabilize my mood over the last two days. I know it shouldn’t surprise me that having a few calories to work from all day keeps me happier, but I am surprised by how much more patient and cheerful I feel. Like, suddenly I remember that I actually enjoy my job. On the other hand, I also feel bloated and gassy. My belly does not know what to do with this much obliterated vegetation.

Remember how I said that I fall asleep during Star Wars movies? Well, we went ahead and saw the new one on Christmas day. It seemed like a good Christmas day movie. We took the older kids with us but left the little girls at home. I regretted not taking Rolo once I realized how much I enjoyed the movie. Funny? Check! Nostalgic? Check! Exciting? Check! Strong female protagonist? Check! We decided we were more than happy to see it again with Rosalind and took her this past weekend to see it in the Imax theater. We weren’t sure she was all that into it because she was sleepy and kept drooping off to the side a bit. It was a little disappointing because not only did she not seem that entertained by the story itself, but turning your head sideways in an Imax movie really ruins the effect. Later that evening we found ourselves reenacting a crucial scene over and over (and over and over and over) again at her request. We all had to take turns as each of the characters, complete with sound effects and exact dialogue. It turns out she took in every detail and would now like her own lightsaber, thank you very much. Go see it. Except I should mention that Rosalind thinks the movie is too sad. So there’s that.

Santa brought Rolo a WetBrush for Christmas (among other things). He was possibly working off of suggestions from friends that this was the appropriate brush for tender headed curly tops. I don’t understand why it works, but it works. Rolo is pretty much self-sufficient now that we don’t have every morning hair meltdowns. Good job, Santa.

If you are a Podcast person you should check out Limetown. We usually listen to comedies, political panels, or essay type stuff. This one is sort of like an old school radio play.

If you are a tv person you might check out Daredevil on Netflix. We are way behind on this recommendation as it is already in the second season. We’re only a couple of episodes into it, so no guarantees, but so far so good.

We finally got around to buying a large, sturdy rug for our foyer. It gives us something to step on when we come in from the snow. It’s not a special rug in any way, but my life has improved 1000% already.

I’m using my free trial month of Kindle Unlimited to reread some Harry Potter. I own the books. Still worth it.

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