Six Days Until Cheese Dip

D’oh! Broke my posting streak! I didn’t even think about it yesterday. I suppose it had to happen sometime.

Random things:

We just about destroyed a wall in our kitchen the other night trying to hang a tv. It’s a real question as to what is holding up our outer wall in the kitchen because it’s definitely not studs. Sergio has since fixed the wall and hung the tv elsewhere.

I was just in line with Santa at the North Pole post office. I guess he doesn’t want to be conspicuous and send the elves to do his daily work. That’s nice of him.

I’m currently on hold with Pottery Barn, and I don’t think this call is going to go very well. Pretty sure that the gift I ordered, and was supposed to receive yesterday, has not even been shipped yet. This is after they messed up our order twice in the first place. I should have learned my lesson.

My extremely rambunctious class informed me today that my classroom is a democracy. I promptly informed them that they are sadly mistaken. At the end of class they handed me a declaration of independence. They had all managed to sign it when they were supposed to be editing their irony essays. The first paragraph was plagiarized from the real DoI, but they generated the list of demands themselves. Instead of demanding “rights” they demanded “free writes.”

Free writes! FREE WRITES!!! I was happy to oblige.

I know it reflects poorly on me as their English teacher that they got it wrong, but it cracked me up so much I had to share. Also, way to go Social Studies teachers! They have a lot of governmental knowledge for this age group!

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