Can You Tell I Liked It?

When I first heard all the hoopla surrounding the play Hamilton, I dismissed it as being popular for the novelty. Then I heard how amazing it was again and again. And again. Every podcast, blog, or news site I consume devoted time to this play. I probably never would have gotten around to it listening to it myself, but Sergio bought the album and had us start listening to it as a family. We will likely never see the play as it is currently sold out for years.

I don’t know how to fully express how much I love this play. Just from the music! It takes the biography of Alexander Hamilton written several years ago and turns it into a play done primarily in hip hop and rap with a fully minority cast. See, it’s novel. But that isn’t all that makes it so good. It’s good because it is just so well done!

I already know the story of Alexander Hamilton. And it’s not the most fun one to hear or tell or read about. Usually.

I love it as a musical theater geek. I love it as a History geek. I love it as an English geek. I love it as a teacher. You don’t have to be all of those things to love it. You probably don’t have to be any of those things. Sergio is only two of the above descriptors and he loves it possibly even more than me.

The history, the music, the way they tie it all together in a way that makes a teacher’s brain buzz with the classroom possibilities. Not to mention that it has my 6 year old running around singing, “Alexander Hamilton, my name is Alexander Hamilton!” or “Speak less. Smile more.” Or “Rise up!” Or “I am not throwing away my SHOT!” How much better is that than her falling victim to another pop song that repeats itself a billion times and provides no opportunity for discussing historical events? So much better.






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