Outwardly Unfrazzled

Yesterday I noted that November is the worst because everyday we lose the light. It’s December. I’d like to defend myself by saying that early December is nothing more than late November, but the reality is that my brain is in a frenzy because there are only two weeks of school left in this quarter/semester. My brain looks like teachessays/writeessays/reservecomputers/THECOMPUTERSAREALLTAKEN!/scheduleanobservation/planforobservation/UGH!OBSERVATION/getalltheStateStandards/gradepapers/gradepapers/gradepapers/callthevet/getahaircut/christmaspresents/AAHHH!CHRISTMASPRESENTS/countdowntogoinghome/mexicanfoodin18days/cheesedipYUM.

Not to mention that there are two company holiday parties this weekend. You all know how well I handle the socializing.

Want to know a secret? I’m not participating in the gift exchange.

This may sound terrible (it is optional), but I am practicing self-preservation. Much like I will stress out at the idea of a costume for a costume party and ultimately either not go or be miserable, I also struggle with gift exchanges with near strangers. Especially funny gift exchanges. Too much pressure. I will be able to attend the party if I don’t participate. If I tried to participate, I would buy something and then find a way to stay home.

I’ll still be awkward, but I’ll be awkward on my own terms!




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