A Family Affair

I need a four day weekend every week.We usually accomplish one thing per weekend and four days means we have accomplished about three for a change. One was shoveling/chipping through enough of the driveway snow/ice to reach ground again. Second was the laundry. And finally, we decided it was time to tackle the snow tires.

I was glad to find out that I am not actually missing most of the knowledge required to change a tire. It’s all in there, I’ve just never put it to use. I attempted to do every part of changing the tires. I was pretty good at hitching up the car on a jack. After experimenting with a few methods and angles I was able to loosen the lug bolts by kicking them or standing on the wrench thing and jumping. I did fall off. I was able to put the lug bolts back in and tighten them, tighten them again, lower the jack and tighten them again. What I was never able to do alone was lift the tire onto the wheel. At all. Much less lift it on the wheel and then accomplish all the rest of the stuff.

I have been tormented by images (and back pain) since last night of being stuck on the road in the future trying to change a flat alone in negative temps. It has only just at this very moment occurred to me that I can probably succeed in that scenario because I now remember the existence of the doughnut. That’s a relief.

Anyway, we took this little ballerina out with us to learn a few skills as well.

She helped where she could for two tires and then built a fort in the back of the garage with old cardboard boxes.

Sergio has just informed me that my truck likely has a full sized spare tire. Sigh.

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