This fella died today. He was 14 years old, which is a good life for a dog, I know. Still tough. He is not my dog and his is not really my story to tell. He is my parent’s dog. My little canine brother. He has been in the family longer than Sergio. 

He loved to have his neck rubbed under his collar, to hug you by digging his head into your neck. He had a curly tail that tickled me from the first moment I met him. 

He always made sure to come out and say hello to each person in the house every morning. 

He hated Eliot to a comical degree. No matter how many years they were around each other, Coal still saw Eliot as the rambunctious interloper. 

He was the most independent and chill little guy you could hope to meet. As long as you weren’t another dog trying to take his food.  Then you better watch out! He had no concept that he was the smallest dog in the room and neither did any of the others. Coal was in charge. 

Miss you already, Coadi-odi.

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