Answering The Important Etiquette Questions

How much should you dress up for Thanksgiving when everyone you hang out with lives 3,000 miles away?


Your husband’s robe should suffice.

Should you make the right amount of food for only three people or enough to feed an entire traveling circus, just in case?


Circus folk proportions, obvs.

Will you feel like a gluttonous jerk when it is all said and done?


Considering you aren’t even seeing half the leftovers, yes. But you will feel like a satisfied and painfully full gluttonous jerk!

Is it okay to take a nap at 4:30 if it is pitch black out already and then still go to bed by 9 pm? Only time will tell!

Happy Thanksgiving!

***I should not be putting that amazingly unflattering photo of myself on the internet, but it so perfectly encapsulates the low-stress energy of our day that I feel I can’t help myself.***

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